coming March 2011

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014 is coming March 2011! Read more here

Follow Apple’s earnings call today, and during the Q&A

section a question about the data center Apple is building in

North Carolina just came up.

"Apple NC data center build is on schedule, should be complete end of the calendar year, start using it in 2011.” And, they said that today they couldn’t share more details. Now this is just speculation,

but many times we reported that NC data center could be meant for the possible migration of iTunes in the cloud. The must requested cloud music service from Apple everyone is waiting for. If the rumors of the data center hosting the huge iTunes catalogue are true, then we might not see in the cloud until next year. More likely March 2011the earliest to the latest June 2011. Lot people don't seem to realize that building a data center doesn't go up and running overnight there gotta be tests, test and more tests. Lessons learned from Microsoft and the Danger Sidekick Customer DataBase Loss Incident. There got to be time for a shakedown to make sure that everything is working fine, but once that is done it will be a "Brave New World!" I'm sure that there will be more in store then music, movies and TV Shows perhaps online video game service to compete with Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The iPhone and now iPadgot us saying what is a PSP? LOL! Sounds interesting?


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    From all of above I want to include among the profiles specifically included in its iPad documentation, Apple notes the ability to restrict camera use on the iPad.similar to parental controls, the policy settings can also be used to block access to features such as the iTunes Store, Safari, YouTube, or the use of its camera.
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