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Hi I am new to the forum I have the Iphone 3g and I really like it

but I am finding Itunes a real headache to use.

The main problem is that itunes keeps changing the songs and videos settings by unticking the syc boxes and if i want to tick them again informs me that My Songs and Videos will be lost?

I have had to keep putting all my videos and songs back on time and time again.

I am thinking of getting the new iphone but I simply cant tolerate the school bully behaviuor of itunes any longer and may switch phones to another brand.

Is there any way round this problem every other phone i have owned did not need all the headaches itunes gives.

I am using itunes properly following all instructions and still it remains adamant that it wants to run the show.

do apple really want to chase of their customers by imposing this peice of useless bloatwhere on iphone users?.


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    Somehow, you've got iTunes configured wrong. Nobody else has these problems.

    By the nature and wording of your rant, i can only suggest that you go get yourself a WinMo phone and try to forget your time spent with Apple.
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    To avoid problems with movies in Itunes just make sure you used video files that have the correct resolution and bitrate.

    And this looks like your syncing youre Iphone on multiple PC's with different accounts. Always used the same Pc and the same Account. Just add new music and movies to that the same Pc's itunes and you wont have sync problems. You dont have to buy anything in Itunes if your dont want too, just drag your files into it. And btw music bought on Itunes is no longer protected.
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