Spider Man

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Just got back from theatre.....watching spider man

Man....I had to line up AN HOUR before the movie started. All eight rooms were packed!

The movie is cool, but kind of cartoonish....overall it's okay.


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    skaioneskaione Posts: 30member
    I liked it. Yes it was kinda cartoonish but thats how the old webhead is. Besides how do you make a guy who swings from building to building with webs not look kinda cartoonish.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I saw it on Friday and I liked it. I agree about it being kinda cartoonish, but still overall it was a good movie.
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    scott_h_phdscott_h_phd Posts: 448member
    The computer graphics were not that great and it wound up looking cartoonish. The acting and writing were both good. Very good for a summer block buster type of movie.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    It already broke the opening day record by about $10M, and it looks like it'll break $100M by the end of today.
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    spotbugspotbug Posts: 361member
    I thought it was awesome. I'm a Spidey fan, and I was expecting to be disappointed.

    I went to the 11 am matinee yesterday. No line. Just walked right in 10 minutes before the show. The theatre did end up pretty crowded, though.

    Don't go to see this movie for the graphics. The CG is certainly up to par by today's standards, but the movie is great without taking the CG into account. That is, the CG was a necessary tool they used to tell the story (remember plots and such?), not the whole point of the flick (a la Jurassic Park).
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    scott_h_phdscott_h_phd Posts: 448member
    I agree with spotbug. It didn't bother me that the CG wasn't that hot becuase the writing and acting was ... good. Something you don't see in action movies these days. For example Star Wars.
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    What the hell are you talking about the CGI wasn't good? It was exactly what was needed. There is no "natural" way of making someone swinging from building to building on a line shot from his wrist. The CGI was great, you barely noticed it, that's CGI's job. (You want bad CGI? Go check out Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone, sweet Christ there is some absolutely terrible CGI in that.)

    I thought it was a fantastic movie. This is how you make a comic-book movie work. The cartoonish dialogue parts were usually funny (as they're meant to be!). There were some melodramatic parts, but it's a movie about a guy that gets bitten by a radioactive spider and develops superpowers. If you're looking for the "naturalistic" dialogue of slacker movies walking into Spiderman your brain isn't strapped on right.

    Tobey Maguire was great as Peter Parker the nerdy teen and subsequently good as Spiderman, since all Spiderman is is Peter Parker on the hero job.

    Fantastic movie, lots of fun and super-entertaining.
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    scott_h_phdscott_h_phd Posts: 448member
    I just said it wasn't that hot. Not that it wasn't good. At times Spidie looked like a strech-arm strong when swinging from the buildings. To rubber like.

    Over all it was great. I'm telling everyone to see it. In fact I'd put it at the top of the super hero moves of recent making.
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    spotbugspotbug Posts: 361member
    I know it's been mentioned lots of places and mentioning it here again is going to put me right smack at the top of The Big Dork List, but...

    It's "Spider-Man"

    Not "Spiderman". Or "Spider-man". Or "spiderman". Or "SpiderMan". Or "Spider Man". Or whatever else.

    Just in case this thread gets long. We can all be using the correct spelling right from the get-go.
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    How about "Spydarm4ng!"?
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    I don't like spiders. Do you know their sexuals relations ?

    The male spider is smaller than the female. After the sexual relation the male have to escape quikly before the female eat him.
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    skaioneskaione Posts: 30member
    Thank goodness for spider-sense?
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    spider-man = $114 million over three days...

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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    Saw it opening night and loved it. Probably go watch it again.

    Oh, and Groverat. It was a "genetically engineered" spider. The radioactive one was in the comic book ( I guess genetic engineering is more timely or something).

    Anyways...very cool movie.

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    markjomarkjo Posts: 28member
    Saw the movie Friday afternoon ($5 matinee before work) and for the most part enjoyed it. The only thing that kinda bugged me was not having the mechanical web shooters. One of the things that added to the "reality" of the comic book was that from time to time, Spidey would actually run out of web fluid in the middle of a fight. Oh well, I guess it's just me being too much of a purist.
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