Why (almost) no FW 800 SATA docks? Other solution?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Granted it'll be a moot point soon, but aside from Newertech's Voyager ($85) and the Wiebe ($200) there's nothing out there that is distributed in the US. Vantec's Nextstar isn't, SSI's 7908UI isn't, and Unitek's dock is a horrible piece of paper mache (and I have enough sense not to order from Espow : ) )

Even the single drive Icy Dock screwless FW 800 is not available (just the tray loading version, which is not as handy as the screwless)

I would have thought that the market was ripe for such a device for years. The only thing that has held me back from getting a Voyager is the $65 difference between it and a perfectly serviceable USB 2.0 one. My stack of old PATA drives are nicely handled in FW400 by a couple of old OWC Mercury Elite portables sawed off into quasi-docks : )

Be this as it may, what has anyone found to be a good single day FW 800 solution for drive easy, screwless, trayless, drive swapping?

Jack Drogba of Espow need not respond, in any of his 50 identities : )

Thanks : )

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