iTunes suddenly cutting of songs?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Ok guys, this is a strange issue. My iTunes sometimes cuts off songs. No, I'm not talking about crossfading, I'm talking about iTunes actually cutting off the song file.

For example, I had "So Fresh So Clean" from Outkast as an MP3 for YEARS now, and I'm one zillion percent sure that I had the complete song, nicely fading out at the end. A few days ago, I played it on my iPhone and noticed that it ended abruptly at the end. When I got home, I immediately checked that song on iTunes, where it also got cut off a few seconds before it actually ended.

Playing the file in Quicklook and VLC I found out that the file has actually been physically cut off! It's a few kilobytes shorter than before.

What the hell is this? This isn't the first song that this has happened to, and I also had this on my previous MacBook. I'm running the latest versions of OS X, iTunes, iOS etc.

Has anybody experienced the same?


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    I've heard of iTunes Store bought songs that won't play anymore after having been transferred from one Mac to a new Mac (installation) a few times, apparently because iTunes' DRM won't allow installation on more than X machines. But iTunes songs being cut off unceremoniously before the end is a new one for me.
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