Apple contact?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Ok I finally joined AppleInsider to try and figure out if any one out there knows how to contact Apple. I am trying to spend money in the apple store and can not find the application that allows you to drag the screen up tap the tool screen and have what you are looking at become a full screen I think it is called cynch? When I could not find the ap I tried calling the store and after punching this number and that number and being transferred 3 times only to here the annoying computer voice give me yet another menu of crap to listen to and more numbers to decide what to push I hung up thinking I would just email them and guess what under contact us......NO EMAIL address. Can one help. I have been this frustrated since I converted from Microsoft to Apple in 12/09 (perhaps the worst decision I have ever made). I find Apple support SO incredibly lacking.,.....oh how I would like to have Steve Jobs in a room for couple of hours. Anyway thanks for any insights and for listening to me complain......
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