Better iMac choice?

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So me and my girlfriend are looking for a "family" computer. Her main use will be photo editing, and my main use will be hd video editing.

Now my main question is, since we dont do anything in 3D work, or heavy gaming, with a budget of 1700 are we better off getting the 21.5 with the 512mb graphics card, and upgrade it to the core i5, or go with the 27" display, and the core i3?


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    sorry, just noticed the general thread deals with purchasing opinions, feel free to move this if needed
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    ivan.rnn01ivan.rnn01 Posts: 1,822member
    Being not specifically interested in image processing, I'd say bigger display (that is 27") is a must for Final Cut (and even for modern iMovie)...
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    Wait one more month so you can save another $200, then get the 27" with the i5.

    And make sure you have it in writing that YOU get to keep it when you two split!
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