iPhone 3GS+Roadmate+iTunes: draws power faster than charger

in iPhone edited January 2014

I use my iPhone 3GS as my "all-in-one" nav/phone/music/Bluetooth device on my motorcyle. I have a Griffin PowerJolt-for-iPad 12V/USB charger hard-wired to my motorcycle battery (it's a BMW 1200GS with a 700 watt alternator: lots of power).

When I run the Magellan RoadMate nav app, listen to iTunes and pump audio out to my Bluetooth headset, the battery drains faster than it can be recharged. The net effect is a useable battery life of ~5 hours - even with the little lightning-bolt indicator on the iPhone battery icon indicating that it is connected and charging!

I understand that this charger is designed for an iPad and cranks out 2 amps of current, vs. 1 amp for a traditional iPhone charger. I have not found any that have a higher current capability.

So - am I just screwed? When running all of this stuff, do I just draw more current than the iPhone charger circuitry can handle?

I've posted at many other forums looking for help - but to no avail. I have a great functional setup for my bike, but can't ride for more than 5 hours without draining my battery to zero.

I now have a larger aux battery (5000 mAh vs. 1219 mAh for the internal) - but this doesn't help. When running all my stuff, my internal state of charge still counted down, not up as indicated by a battery charge app. The aux battery would keep the phone alive longer without the charger - but would still be dead in very short order unconnected from the charger.

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