Alternative to Airport Extreme + USB + Time Machine Support

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So I've been using my old trusty wireless router (Linksys WRTS54G) for quite some time now and I decided I need to upgrade to N-draft and something with USB support for wireless time machine backups. The only problem I've been running into is that I can't locate any decent rated routers out there which do not conflict with using OS X. Essentially I would settle for something without USB support and keep plugging in my portable HD into my macbook each time I need to backup, but is there anything out there that anyone can suggest? I just can't justify spending $175 for a Airport Extreme.


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    I am using D-Link DGL-4100 it works great with OSX. I do not use wireless though. I think DGL-4300 is same but with wireless inbuilt? Very nice router with all gigabit ports. Works great with OSX. N wireless is over rated though no big benefits, G is plenty fast for everything and compatible.
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    Just to clarify, even with a Gig Ethernet cable, time machine will be crazy slow. The performance is limited by the Mac doing the backup, not the bandwidth. A few hundred KB/sec is all you will ever get for Time Machine.

    I'm curious what comparability issues come from other base stations? In my experience they all just work.
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