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Does anyone know of any apps that would allow me to access my iMac's camera on my iphone/iPad? The catch is, I want to do it without it registering/showing up on the screen of the iMac.

I have kids and would like to monitor them while the wife and I are out, but would not want the babysitter to be aware,( as I have some doubts about her abilities, and would like to confirm them...).

ie.: I have Teamviewer,and can access the camera by way of photobooth, but that registers on the screen that I'm checking out the situation....

I hope I'm being clear in what I'm asking lol...

thanks for the leads all...


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    As far as I know, it would be illegal to secretly observe or video your babysitter, even in your own home, unless you inform her in advance that she is going to be under (video) observation.
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    lazlorlazlor Posts: 5member
    hmm... not so sure about that, otherwise all the horror stories about parents secretly videoing babysitters and catching robbing/beating the kids would get tossed out in court. Not that I believe that to be MY case, I just think she's milquetoast and lets my kids run wild.

    thanks for the heads up though...
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