How the minions use reversed labels to trample the Apple uprising

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It's so desperate it begs compassion ...

It's so obvious it doesn't really need revealing ...

And it won't stop the consumer uprising this time around ...

PC users have always chosen to follow the mainstream and felt threatened by anyone who dared to think different. And even back when it was still a question if you should buy a Windows PC or a Mac they used the reversed label psychology as a means to get people in line and start marching to the loudest drum: Microsoft. These days it has come down to a different choice: do you want a PC that can only run Windows, or do you want a Mac which can run Windows and Mac OS X. Pick one and then we'll get back to that later on, after we have revealed the reality about fanatics versus the main stream distortion field.

Here's how they did it and how they use the same trick on iOS users today.

Mac users are fanatics!

Ever heard someone say Mac users are fanatic? Are they? What is a fanatic really? A fanatic is someone with a conviction who refuse to listen to any argument which go against the perceived truth. Such a truth could be "Mac is better than PC" or "PC is better than Mac". But does that mean that anyone who thinks one is better than the other is a fanatic? The answer is no and here's why.

Fanatics are not necessarily those who prefers one thing over the other, but rather those who chose which they "prefer" without trying both but who still insists that one is better than the other.

Most Mac users are forced to use PCs at work. Are most PC users forced to use Macs ...anywhere? Have most PC users ever really tested a Mac in a serious way? ...who is the fanatic?

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