iPhone 3G downgrade issue

in iPhone edited January 2014
I installed iOS4 on my 3G and couldn't live with the performance, so downgraded it by following one of the various guides on the web. The process was to restore to 3.1.3 using iTunes and the official IPSW file, then use an app to get the phone out of DFU mode at the end when iTunes throws an error because the OS version cannot be taken backwards. As I understand it no jailbreaking was involved.

I got my performance back and am happy with the phone but have noticed an issue, it seems to be downloading iOS4 apps from the App Store instead of 3.1.3. If I install Twitter it will not run (crashes when loading). I think this is because it's expecting iOS4 but not finding it.

Does the app store somehow record which iOS version a device is running - and this is now incorrect after the downgrade?
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