How are stock levels in the US?

in iPhone edited January 2014
Has it leveled off to the point where you can walk into an Apple or AT&T store and find stock? If so, how long did it take to ease off?

In Canada, you can only order online from Apple and those are only the full price unlocked phones. In other cases, you have to go to the carriers stores, big box stores or the Apple stores. None of them are doing over the phone orders. Since launch day, when the all sold out and only the Apple stores and some of the larger carrier stores have had any stock trickle in. People are lining up daily in the mornings before the store open in hopes that the store received stock. In most cases the staff come out and tell them they didn't receive and or that their shipment hasn't arrived so people wait for hours more just to see if the daily shipment has iPhones.

There is no way I am taking a day off to wait at a store that probably won't get them that day, so I am looking to get an idea how long it took in the US for supply to start catching up.
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