Test out FaceTime

in iPhone edited January 2014
Hi everyone,

First off, I'm Australian. We just got the iPhone. I found this new web site which should allow you to test out FaceTime if you don't have any friends with an iPhone4 (like me \ ).

FTFun - A FaceTime Community -> http://ftfun.com

It seems like it?s possible to initiate a FaceTime call to people on this site without ringing them first (or adding them to your phonebook).

You post your international number on the site and allow it to be visible (it does not seem to show user?s info when they are offline). I know I shouldn't be giving out my mobile number willy-nilly hehehehe I've been having a bit of fun after registering on this site. I've chatted with people in Ireland, Canada and USA, including the developer of the site. He is a really nice guy.

Anyone else try it?


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