How much free capacity is there on iPhone 4?

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I'm toying with upgrading to the iPhone 4 32GB. I had been waiting for a 64GB but think the 32 might actually hold everything I need it to. However, I'm aware that the phone's OS and various apps (as well as any I might download) will take up some room. At present my iTunes library is showing as 24.58GB for music and 3.08 GB for music. That should be fine with some room to spare for new purchases shouldn't it?


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    shrikeshrike Posts: 494member
    Nope I don't think so. You have about 30 GB total of usable space due to OS needs and filesystem needs. If you put everything in it, you'll have 2 GB to use which is the bare minimum if you play games, read comics/magazines/books, and other apps. It's likely too little.

    I'd wait for 64 GB or limit the amount of music you put into a 32 GB iPhone. Maybe 18 GB of music only.
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    Well I have to admit I don't use my iPhone for any games and am a terrible Luddite about ebooks and have no desires there - the only apps I would want to keep would be iDisk, the Oxford English Dictionary app and maybe the Guardian or BBC News. Good to know its 2GB for the OS etc. though and the 3GB of podcasts are because I've not listened to many of them. I'm also taking delivery of a new car which can play my iPhone contents so if I set it to only upload unlistened to podcasts overtime I expect that to dwindle down too.
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