Is there a way to add memory?

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I have Power Book G4 and I had it for 5 years now. it has 80 Gb of memory and I've used it all. Is there a way I can add some memory without changing hard drive? How much longer my mac can live? Is it better to just buy a new computer?

Thank you in advance


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    80 GB is the Hard drive, not the memory... it can be replaced with something bigger.

    The RAM (memory) is probably 512 MB (maybe only 256) and can be changed... up to 2GB (there are two slots)

    The RAM is easy to get to, access through the battery port on the underside of the computer (IIRC).

    The Hard Drive is not difficult , but does require a bit of disassembly of the computer.

    You could upgrade the RAM AND Hard drive for about $250 plus your time.

    or get a used Intel MacBook for about $500 that will run circles around that G4!
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