iOS4: Are all the apps in the multitasking view running?

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I was surprised to see how many apps appear in the multitasking view (double-click home button). I'm new to the iPhone, but was under the impression that an app quit when you hit the 'home' button. What does leaving an app actually do? Do inactive apps consume resources?


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    Most of those apps have "quit"... but if there's memory available to them, they retain their "state" so that they re-start "instantly" to where you left off.

    Now, there are some apps that are actually allowed to continue "running"... things that track position (GPS apps), that output sound (internet radio and such)... basically, if it seems obvious that they need to still be "running" in the background, then they are, but most have quit and are NOT using the CPU.

    I tried to keep it simple, hopefully it made sense.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    Thanks for the info.

    Where do apps generally have the 'quit' option? I found out that you can quit apps by holding them down in multitask view. Is there another way?

    If I'm reading this correctly, there might not be a need to quit.
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    supposedly there's no need to quit... for example: if you have a music player in the "recent apps" bar, that's NOT actively playing in the background, then it should be in the same state as if it were shut down.

    Apparently there are folks who go through and remove apps from the "multitasking bar" the way you discovered. Doing that to an app that IS active in the background WILL cause it to quit completely.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    Thanks, I will file in this in the "don't worry about it, unless there is a problem" category.
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