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So I know this is going to be a blast from the past, but I figured that someone on here might have the answer. Recently, I acquired a fully functional Apple //e. But, it is missing its display. I looked at the display connector, which I managed to identify as a RG-59 cable, which leads me to my problem. I have never seen a display use this connector, and I am wondering what parts (whether it be adaptors for a newer display or just an older display) I will need to bring this Apple //e back to life.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,165moderator
    You can buy ones with screens on eBay:

    The shipping weight is what takes the price up so much. There are model numbers listed there though so you can try and find them elsewhere. Maybe if you check those local shops that for some reason keep loads of old items nobody ever buys, they might have one.

    The kind of shop shown in Back to the Future:

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    Thanks. Ebay seems like a good choice.
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    All six of my Apple IIe use the "AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe".

    I'm not saying that they won't work with something else, I'm just saying that's the name that is guaranteed to work.
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