Magic Mouse/Magic Trackpad don't play well together

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This post is both to vent my frustration and to help others.

I have a Magic Mouse and purchased the Magic Trackpad the day that it was released. A couple of days after I received the Magic Trackpad, when I booted my MacBook (with the latest Snow Leopard), the computer would not respond to the installed trackpad or to the Magic Trackpad. I then tried a wired USB mouse. It would not work either.

What it was doing (or rather not doing) was that I could not select anything. I couldn't click on buttons. I couldn't scroll or navigate. It was as if the only thing that could receive focus was the top toolbar with the Apple, etc.

I called tech support to find out if there was anything like this with other user's of the MTP but they did not know of anything. Then for some unknown reason (at the time), everything worked again for one day. Then back to the way that it was when it was not working. The only thing that I had changed was the addition of the MTP.

Called tech support again and their only solution was that I should send the MacBook in for repair. It is out of warranty and the other thing is that I simply don't or can't easily be without a computer for that long.

So, I went to BestBuy and purchased a new MacBook since tech support was convinced that it was a hardware problem and that the MacBook needed a repair.

Then horror of horrors, the new MacBook did the same exact thing a week after purchasing the new MacBook.

Guess what? The only problem was that I had my Magic Mouse in my computer bag and it happened to be periodically turned on. The Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad do NOT work together politely even if you are not using the Magic Mouse and it is turned on, the MacBook will not respond to the Magic Trackpad or the installed trackpad.

So now I have a new MacBook while my old MacBook works perfectly fine.

Called tech support again and they said that they are not liable for their answers...

The new MacBook is nice but the old MacBook had Windows installed with BootCamp. I purchased it used a couple of years ago and the previous owner did not send me the disks for Windows. I have no intent of being a software pirate. If I want Windows on the new MacBook, I would need to shell out the money for a new copy of Windows.

One question in all of this, is there a way to grab the copy of Windows from my old Mac to the new one? Or...would this be piracy too? I have a lot of programs installed on the Windows side of my old Mac and for now, the only way to use them is to carry around 2 MacBooks. :-( That really isn't what I want to do.

So, a warning to you. If you have a Magic Mouse and a Magic Trackpad, make sure that you always turn off the Magic Mouse manually and don't rely on it's turning itself into sleep mode. It wakes up when your computer turns on again and will confuse your Mac when trying to use a Magic Trackpad.



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    If you do an exact clone of the old hard drive to the new one (it would greatly help if the two are also the same size) there is a chance you'll be able to boot Windows on the new computer. Windows is very picky about its partitions and moving it from one computer to another is hit-or-miss sometimes.

    In regard to the rest of your post: Have you reported this via Apple's customer feedback avenues? I'm sure a simple firmware or software update will remedy the issue if it is, indeed, a problem.
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    Originally Posted by Zyniker View Post

    Have you reported this via Apple's customer feedback avenues? I'm sure a simple firmware or software update will remedy the issue if it is, indeed, a problem.

    I have not reported the issue to Apple other than "nicely" to the tech support person that said that Apple was not liable for their answers. I too believe that they are not liable. It is just an unfortunate situation. As for the software update, it is not a problem anymore since I know it is just a matter of turning off the Magic Mouse before trying to use the Magic Trackpad...or leave the Magic Mouse somewhere else away from the computer.

    I just have a MacBook that I don't need. Anyway, it is a nice Mac but my old one was as well.

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    I have now gone to Apple and left feedback about the new MacBook issue.


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