Electronic devices never truly off

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I have many plugged in devices that are never truly OFF. Even though lights are off and there is no activity. These devices are still very warm to the touch. From modems, routers, decoder boxes etc.....

I have an Seagate external backup drive I use with time machine. It works flawlessly. However, it seem to never shut down. When the mac is off, the drive still has the fan blowing endlessly. I turn the manual switch to OFF and the drive is still warm. The only way to be OFF is to unplug it.

Why is it still on?


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    Irresponsible demands over the years for near instant on performance in electronic devices. Ever since RCA debuted instant-on TV technology int eh '70s eliminating the couple minute warmup time consumers drove engineers to make power wasting design choices or see a device penalized out of the market.

    The idea is pervasive. HDs are also affected by this as their boot and spin-up time directly affect the computers boot or wake time. So all dives tend to keep semi-warm to avoid being frozen out of the business because they lower the attached hardware's perceived start-up time.

    Yeah, it's stupid and wasteful, but society as spent 5 decades driving tis bus. It's not stopping soon.
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    Thanks for the sound explanation. Stupid and wasteful indeed.
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