Two Color Output Problem - InDesign

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I'm new with InDesign coming from a Quark background. I created a 28 page booklet with CMYK cover and two color interior (black & PMS spot color)

I'm working in CS4 and my print vendor is CS3. I have provided him with both the InDesign file saved down to .inx as well as high quality pdf with no color conversion so that the spot color will print as is.

My print vendor is telling me that the black screens/gradients are separating as RBG. I'm trying to figure out if the problem is my inexperience or his. I don't know what more to do with the file? Please advise.

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    stzozostzozo Posts: 18member
    Send me 1 of the pages you have problem with, I will analyse it and tell you what your problem is (if the file has any problem). Remember to always check your PDF file for color separation before you send it for printing with Acrobat Reader (Pro).

    My email is [email protected]
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