NAS Questions for iTunes

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Hopefully I don't type out my question too convoluted, so I'll try to keep it simple.

Currently, I have a MacBook Pro, with a USB My Passport that houses my iTunes music/movies (all 500+GB of it.) I'd like to be able to use my MBP more without the need of the drive attached at the hip, and am looking into solutions for a NAS to house the files.

I'd love to be able to use the current USB hard drive as a NAS, with Netgear and Belkin making USB/Network adapters, but the reviews are mixed, and I don't feel like buying it to find out it sucks (especially since the reviews I've seen don't mention OSX.)

Has anyone had any experience with getting a USB drive in a NAS configuration?

I also have thought about the whole My Book World Edition, the 1TB NAS drive. Looks awesome, but does it work well as an iTunes library drive?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Now that I checked the main forums, this probably should have been placed in the Genius Forum, sorry!


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    For a USB drive, an Apple Airport router works great. It really does "just work".

    But if you want a different option, for reliability and ease of set-up you really are better off spending for an actual NAS device, rather than saving a few bucks with a USB drive and adapters.
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