New iPod Classic?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Is the rumor that it will only be the iPod Touch that gets the upgrade, and no new iPod Classic? I know fewer people use them than a few years back, but they added some cool stuff to the Nano last year and thought the Classic with a video camera and the FM Radio features would be something I might spring for. Now, if they just made it sound better;-)


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    What would they update? The iPod classic is dead. I see it sticking around for one more release in September 2011 (10th anniversary release) and then being killed off.

    Video camera? FM? No one uses an iPod classic anymore. Anyone who uses one does so for their awesome FLAC library of huge files or sheer volume of songs.

    If anything, they might swap the 160 for a 1.8" 240 or just leave it as it is.
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