Using an Airport Express with hotel eternet

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have an Airport Extreme and an Airport Express network at home (with the express acting as a bridge to supply networking to a Bravia). I'll be travelling soon and want to use my Airport Express to turn the hotel's ethernet based web access into wi-fi my iPhone 4 and iPad can use.

I've been playing around with settings and can get the Airport Express to make a wi-fi network when plugged directly into my cable modem through ethernet. Trouble is, if I power cycle the cable modem when the Airport is off, then turn the Airport on again, it expects the old IP address from the modem (which gets a new IP address from my ISP every time I power cycle it), and so can't make a connection.

Can I configure the Airport to forget whatever IP address it was expecting, and instead use whatever address it's given through ethernet?

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