Now that X-Files is over...

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Some questions that have bothered me...

mind you, I started watching in the third season. This summerr when I start getting my paychecks I will go and buy the entire series on DVD. Fine and good.


1) How was William concieved?

In several episodes, allusions were made indicating that Sculley and Mulder had an IVF. Probably safer than putting her eggs back inside her and then doing it the natural way. Evidence:

Mulder at the doctor's office, going off to masturbate into a cup. I don't remember his exact words, ut htey were along the lines of "I'm used to this anyway..."

In another, a scary man (I think he was govt) led Sculley out into the desert, being very careful to cove his tracks. They had a conversation and he told her that he had watched her as "one lonely night, you accepted Mulder into your bed..."

Perhaps both cases are true: they had sex (she was sterile), and they concieved via IVF.

2) How did Mulder know that the Lone Gunman were dead?

Oops. Scratch that. he Had Gibson Praise with him, to tell him when people were coming and such.

I guess Gibson has that sort of range. But he'd have to keep track of dozens of people at the same time - he wouldnt keep track of just the Lone Gunman while there was some desert around to keep an eye (cranium) on. Oh well. Pretty nifty power though - I guess he's omniscent about the Earth. North America at least. I guess his brain throws out 99.9999% of the info it recieves - like normal human brains throw out 95% of the visual info they get.

3) Were the SuperSoldiers people, as Dogget suggested in the trial? Or are they machines, modeled after huamns and given their memories? After all, Dogget;s female friend in the Marines remembered everything.

The machines theory is based on the fact that a whole creature is regenerated from a single piece of metal vertabrae. I wonder if you could destroy it by throwing it in molten iron...

4) Why didn't anyone ever think of shooting a SuperSoldier in the head? Granted, a shot to the heart is supposted to kill just as wekll, just a lkittle slower than a cracked cranium....

It might have been more reasonable to make the SuperSoldiers out of metal, With a soft covering to appear human - that way the Magnetite's anethema would be a little more plausible.

5) How did Mulder survive being infected with the Black Oil?

6) How could the Cigarrete Smoking Man have been talking if no air went through his vocal cords? Synthesizer, maybe.. but it would've made sense for Mulder to say "why is your voice like that" and he says "it's not my voice."


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    You should probably read this...

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    It's a theory from two years ago, but he nailed most of it. Then read the timeline and final episode summary @

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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    Well I have all seasons currently released on DVD. It sure is nice to look back.

    In response to question 1, S8 prettymuch hints towards the IVF and I'm sure that's how it happened but I have another idea from watching Je Souhaite (7x21), It says his first wish was peace on earth, but the genie recalled it (don't know if that used a second wish or not), now his (either second or third) wish frees Jenn the genie. If in fact that was only the second wish (take into effect this is the last episode before requiem when Scully finds out she's pregnant at the end), the possibility for the 3rd was that he wished Scully could become a mother, something she hoped for a long time but was unable to hapen naturally, other than the fact of Mulder finding her ova in (5x02) Redux. Just my opinion but it makes you think again. I almost forgot to add, at the end of Je Souhaite, Mulder invites Scully over to watch a movie, I am not saying anything happened physically, but it does leave open the possibilities.

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    Oh, come on. They are going to drag this out on into the movies. So it's not really over. I used to be a big fan........about 3 years ago. It should have ended then. The thing about the X-Files is that there is never any resolution. They dangel the carrot in front of your nose and you know I've discovered something. There is no carrot.
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    It went donwhill starting iwth the movie.

    I hope they don't do another movie.

    Duchovny doesn't want to be on the X-Files. Too bad man - everyone identifies you with Mulder by now! You should have done some other acting jobs while you were doing the X-files! People wouldn't think of your talents as singular and depressive!

    They'll have to pay him a hwiole lot to ge him to work on the nedt movie.
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    The show went downhill after the production move to L.A. The whole scene down there screwed up the ability to make scary, eerie, and spooky episodes. Most of the great episodes were outdoors in rainy, dreary Vancouver.
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    [quote]Originally posted by His Dudeness:

    <strong>The show went downhill after the production move to L.A. The whole scene down there screwed up the ability to make scary, eerie, and spooky episodes. Most of the great episodes were outdoors in rainy, dreary Vancouver.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Very true. It was nice having the x-files made up here, and many were sad to see them relocate to LA, but Mulders new wife lived down there so that was why.

    It was a great show, should've ended last season at the latest, the one before would've been fine too.

    Ever since Mulder left x-files, it was never really the same.
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    cd hostage- Duchovny never said he wanted to leave the X-Files, it was a contract dispute with 20th Century Fox. From what I heard that was the big reason he left. Supposedly he enjoyed coming back to do the final guest appearances, plus he would like to do at least another movie (can't remember if that was in TV Guide or not.)

    I also think it definately changed after the move from Vancouver. IMHO season 7 was the high-point. Season 8 still was worth watching but season 9 just wasn't the same without Mulder. It was nice to see nearly all the main people we have seen through the years come back for small parts in the finale. If Mulder was there for the majority of S9 I think it would be stronger and if there was a little better writing this season it would be a go. All things must come to an end eventually, I'm sure it's not done yet though. Filming of a 2nd X-FIles movie is set for 2003 if I remember right.
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    He LIKED doing Fox? I heard that he absolutely hated Gillian.
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    cdhostage- I guess it doesn't really matter at this point anymore does it, maybe if they' plan on more movies, but I never heard anything one way or another on your second fact.
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