Migrating data from C2D to Quad-Core i7 iMac

in General Discussion edited January 2014

I would really appreciate you thoughts on this issue.

Using Migration Assistant to transfer the data from 2.8GHz C2D, to my i7 Quad-Core iMac - 256 GB SSD /1TB Serial ATA - I found that I was short 69GB of space; MA had fixed solely on the SSD. I googled the net for solutions and decided to try Target Disk Mode. I was reassured to see that two hard drive icons appeared on the host screen: HD and HD2. HD is the SSD and HD2 is the Serial ATA.

Apple has installed the following six folders on the i7 HD/SSD drive: Applications, Home, Library, net, System and Users. My question is this: should I simply drag the similarly named folders from the C2D onto the i7 HD and HD2 icons, selecting, for instance, the Applications folder for the SSD and the Pictures/ Movies for the ATA? It this is OK, which Users /Library /System folders would be best suited to the SSD? I have a separate C2D folder for AppleWorks User Data; which drive should it be copied onto?

If the data has to be transferred in this way, won't there be two Applications folders, two Library folders, ... etc on the new computer? I assumed that Apple would have allocated - seamlessly - suitable folders to each drive. Does anyone know if Apple have released any guidance on this?


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