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I have 2 appletvs, streaming about 2TB of my DVD collection of movies and tv shows from iTunes (thanks to MTR and Handbrake). Currently, I have one of them in my 2 yr-old daugter's room. I have synced only childrens movies (Elmo, and sesame street) and children's music to her appletv, and turned off syncing.

With the new setup, how will it treat access control? if we are forced to use a streaming-only model, how does that impact our ability to control what each apple-tv can see? I certainly wouldn't want my daugter to have access to our Die Hard collection, or Battletar Galactica.

I can use ratings, but who wants to have to use a 3rd party app to go in and manage ratings? Apple doesn't provide an easy way for me to do this. Maybe iTunes 10 does?

I could also use playlists, but that doesnt stop my daughter from using her curiosity. I need a way to limit what she can see.

Help or advice anyone?


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    seriously? no responses on this?
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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    You expect anyone else to know specifics about a piece of gear they can't even have their hands on yet?

    It's a good question, but a little ahead of a reasonable timeline that it could be answered under.

    Now consider alternatives to the question altogether. Why upgrade your daughter's ATV at all? Use the old one that works for her and use the newer one without parental controls. iTunes already has streaming parental controls, but not independently for multiple receivers, making set it and leave it not effective at all for a situation like yours.

    Give it 4 or 5 years before the old ATV becomes overly aged, and who knows what HW/SW combinations will be available then? Why get worried in the meantime if you have a perfectly workable arrangement (with a spare if you get a new ATV) already?
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    Hiro - Its not about the peice of gear.. its about iTunes. And I'm really looking for peole who may have a similar setup to hear what they have to say.

    I am not worried, just trying to start the conversation. But thanks for your feedback. I will be sticking to the old version in the near future.
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