iTunes 11 wish list

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Well? Somebody has to be the voice of reason around here.. It's obvious they are beginning an interface move for the next OS release. (button orientation etc.)

Also obvious is the similarities with the iPad iTunes version.. so touch is in it's blood from now on.. but besides the obvious (faster, smaller, better) what new THINGS should iTunes 11 be or do?

My list:

1) I want a revision to smart playlists. High time we got a visual 'cloud' designer. Build a touch interface into it for iPad use. This should let me tear apart logic 'bubbles' and put them together to make playslists on the fly.

2) I want playlists for books. Yes, I know you can put books in a playlist.. but you can't synch a playlist of books under the books tab. Have lots of books and share an iPad? If so.. then you'll know why this is annoying.

3) I want text to speech added so that you can have a book read to you. Also should work on the iPad.

4) i want to have iTunes detect corrupt and missing songs before I have them play discover it the hard way. I also want itunes to detect if a song is unusually cropped. (by comparing it to know samples) both of these should be a one time thing which will help us old timers finally get 'cleaned up'.

5) I want to select some tracks.. and have a 'suggest genre' button. Then if others have a better genre ID (based on popularity) it can ask if I want to change from x to y. There are tons of songs that I don't agree on the genre of. With all the bloody Genius data they are getting.. they should be able to see trends of people manually changing genres.

6) Selective Sync over wifi would be nice. I know all the arguments for and against.. but with airplay they already have the framework...

7) Auto recognize the face of the person in front of the mac.. then allow you to tag that face to a playlist (one per face). On itunes launch.. it should select your favorite playlist.

8) I also want Ping to display current track you are listening to.. even from your iPhone/iPod/iPad.


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