New Cinema display soon ? (looking at new g4 specs....)

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Look at the video spec for the new G4s.

The two video cards supports resolutions of up to 1920x1200.

This is an aspect ratio of 16/10, just like the cinema display.

Didn't also some compagny announce a panel with these specs recently ?

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    LG-Philips has annonced a 23W - 1920x1200 (16:10 aspect ratio) slated to begin mass production in late January 2002 :

    "As an added benefit, the 23W can also fit into the footprint of some existing 22-inch monitor designs, significantly reducing the system integration costs for OEMs."

    So that and the new high resolution PMG4-cards = ? Let's hope.

    The new display discount go throw the 31 March (in time for MWT ?)
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    Been saying this for a while. It is a natural progression. Pixel density has been held up for a while on LCD panels because all but the best video cards would struggle to drive them. That's fine for CRT's where you can go into a high res mode for 2-d work and drop down a few notches for 3d, but scaling isn't really a legit option (except for some games). With higher res panels soon to be available and the ability of DVI to drive LCD's to at least 2048x1536, we'll probably see higher res panels in the next 12 months. (maybe not from Apple though )

    A lot of people thought that 1600x1200 was the limit for DVI, but it isn't: a quick trip through the spec's PDF clearly states that 2048x1536 is the current limit when driving a CRT. Something for which almost no-one uses DVI, BTW. When driving an LCD (thus not requiring any extra bandwidth room for D-A conversion) even 2048x1536 only uses up about 2/3rds of the available bandwidth.

    I can't imagine Apple sells huge amounts of 22" LCD's. If there is any significant stock of 22's, it might take a while to clear enough room in the channel for them to introduce an updated 23". The other issue is power consumption, and though DVI has enough bandwidth for higher resolutions, ADC might not deliver enough power for hungrier panels. hmmm...
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