New AppleTV capabilities: replace my Airport Express?

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I have read multiple tech blogs say that the AppleTV is a very similar device as the Airport Express. Whereas the Express only streams audio, the AppleTV will stream both audio and video. So with this comparison, I am wondering if there is any chance that the new AppleTV can completely replace my Airport Express in the living room.

The two things I use my Airport Express for...

1. Streaming my iTunes to my receiver (Apple TV will obviously do this).

2. Allowing me to connect my XBox 360 to it over ethernet for online gaming.

I know that the AppleTV does not have specific router functionality, but is there any hope that since it will be wirelessly networked, that I can still plug in my Xbox to it's ethernet port and have an internet connection?

It would be awesome if this were possible. Anyone know or have an opinion on this?


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    For anyone interested in this thread, I thought I would post more info. I did some research and found a discussion from 2008 where someone was asking this same question about the ATV at that time. A few users said it would not work because as soon as you would plug something in to the ethernet port, it would shut off the wifi chip thinking you wanted to connect ot the internet via ethernet.

    So, I am betting that nothing will change on this front for the new AppleTV. I'm sure Apple could add a setting so the user could decide to let it act as a physical access point to the network, but somehow I doubt Apple has any reason at this point to do so.

    Anyone have any opinions on this, contradictory or otherwise?
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