First Look: fourth-generation iPod touch

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Although rumors surrounding a camera-equipped iPod touch had circulated for years without coming to fruition, Apple has finally launched a major update to its flagship iPod. The fourth-generation catches up with the iPhone 4's robust set of features, as both devices now offer dual cameras, an A4 processor, 960x640 display, and a gyroscope....

due to the copyright i just post the part info..and give u the reference for the full info:

First Look: fourth-generation iPod touch or go to the column iPod Transfer Software Reviews


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    So... blogspam? Because it's not as though we don't already know about this. I'm not clicking those links, so someone tell us if it's really spam.
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    The intro is quoted verbatim from MacNN but the links don't go to MacNN. It's malicious spam.
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