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I'm relatively new to the whole Apple thing and I have a question dealing with my Ipad and "moving" applications from one PC to another. My home PC has whatever the newest version of Itunes is along with my entire music collection. That computer is synced with my 120 gig iPod classic. Everything is fine. Several months back, I decided that I needed another electronic gizmo in my life and I bought an iPad 16 gig WiFi model. I had it shipped to my place of work so that I could sign for it and begin discovering the world of "Apps". In my haste, I set the iPad up using my work computer. Since then I have been buying apps though the Ipad and backing them up to my work computer. Seeing the folly of my ways, I would now like to have all of my apps and my iPad backups on my home PC (the one with my current music). I've been digging around on the internet trying to figure out the best way to move my Ipad life from my work PC to my home PC and be able to continue to sync my music to my iPod and my apps/videos/books to my iPad.

In the simple form, how can I sync my iPad on my home PC without losing and having to reinstall all the apps?

Thanks for any help!



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    Did you use the same iTunes account for both your Home and Work computers?

    If you did, try connecting your iPad to your Home computer and telling iTunes to transfer your purchases from the iPad to your PC. --- If this fails you can restore your iPad from your work computer.
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