iBook G3 will Not Work!

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So. One of My Good Friends Gave Me His Old iBook G3 from back in 2003. Im Having A Problem, I Can't Do Anything! It Had Mac OS X 10.3 Tiger on it when I got it, Along with the Apple A/V Cable and 3 CDS. Those Being Leopard, iLife 08 and iWork 08. a Week of Slight use and.....It would not boot. I shut it down and When I Turn It on.....It comes back on. When I Click on a File...It Locks Up. Now, I will Not do anything when I Turn it on other than the whole....FinderFace/? Thing. I Took it apart all the way, removed the HHD, Put it back in before reenclosing the laptop...It Worked....Once.....So..Now I Go to Install Leopard on A New HHD, The Combo-Drive will Not Boot! What Do I Do! It does Make a Really awesome Grind when you turn it on..the Drive does anyway!


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    1. For frick's sake, stop capitalizing every word in a sentence. Absolutely no language does that.

    2. You're new to Macs, aren't you?

    3. 10.3 is Panther. 10.4 is Tiger. Figure out which one you actually have.

    4. The Leopard disk is 100% worthless. You can't install Leopard on a G3.

    5. Just buy Tiger from eBay and install it. RETAIL TIGER, not the gray disks. They won't work.

    6. Yes. That's the ODD spinning. It's not "awesome".
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