Help needed - hard drive failure

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the hardrive of my macbook pro just failed. i bought a new hardrive but , to be honest, it looks extremely complicated to change the hard drive opn my computer.

i phone my local apple store and they won't do it unless i buy the new hard drive with them. but i already bought my new hard drive.

I am based in glasgow (Scotland).

Would anyone know an apple repair shop where i can have the hard drive swapped on my computer.


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    You're looking for a local solution. This is a global board. I.o.w. you're barking up the wrong tree. I submit you may have a much greater chance of getting your question answered on a local forum/board!

    Good luck.
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    Go to the Apple website and they have a list of apple resellers and authorized service centers where they can install the hd for you.Also maybe there is a apple forum listed for Scotland. Try
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