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Hey guys,

I'm driving myself crazy.. Just got a new Iphone 4. The video and photos outdoors seems great but indoors don't seem nearly as crisp. Is it just me or do these pics look overly grainy? All three were taken indoors in medium light. Do these look normal to you guys ? I'm not very experienced with digital photography.





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    The first is just blurry ... Camera movement while taking the pic.

    The other two are a little noisy (grainy)... But that's just the way it goes with a small sensor in less than optimal lighting. They're actually not bad for a lense that small.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,208moderator
    I've always felt that the iPhone pictures came out grainy. As mentioned above, it's due to the sensor size. Apple just make a compromise so your phone doesn't look like this:

    I think they could still do a better job of post-processing but perhaps they leave it so that software developers can build camera apps that improve the picture quality.

    When the sensor isn't capable of making noise-free images, the auto-ISO shouldn't go as high. For something the size of the iPhone, it should stick to 200-400 maximum and turn on the flash when it's too dark rather than increasing the sensitivity and graining it up.

    They should also put in an optical image stabiliser that uses info from the gyroscope and accelerometer to move the physical sensor counter to the phone movement. This won't degrade image quality like a digital stabiliser and the results are generally much better.
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