Interesting article: Apple TV - why this will change the world

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The whole article here

They said the revolution would not be televised

...and they were right!

The Recipe

With the release of the Apple TV Apple has once again followed a recipe it already unleashed on the music, publishing, software apps and gaming industry as well as the movie industry. The recipe is quite simple: first you publish what the gate keepers have in their vault. Next you open the back door for the independent content which are rejected by the major conglomerates.

Apple Democracy Versus Corporatism

Little does the public notice that all media has fallen in the hands of a little group of men in the United States, since Bill Clintons Telecommunications Act of 1996 which abolished a democratic insurance that the united states remained a government of the people and by the people.

The article goes on to draw the big picture of what the writer Brian Floe calls "Apples war on television" and includes a few illustrations and complimentary YouTubes.

The whole article here

Very interesting indeed. And I'm surprised no one else is picking up on these things? I think the world would become a better place too if television news were making so much money scaring the population into submission and getting rich off of spreading conspiracy theories about Bin Laden and Al Qaeda / Saddam / violent crime gangs etc. etc.

(look up the word "conspiracy theories" before assuming the common misuse of the word is correct).

All in all - I reallly think Apple has a winner with the new Apple TV. They will rule the living rooms of the world ...and thereby pave the way for decentralized information reaching the viewers across the planet. It's like going on the internet through your television.


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    This is nothing but blogspam and advertising.
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    This is nothing but blogspam and advertising.

    For Apple? Or are we not allowed to point to other news elsewhere than on Or did you just not have any opinion on the subject matter and felt bored?
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    Advertising's against the forum rules. That's all that this is.
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    Advertising's against the forum rules. That's all that this is.

    Well it's against the rules to quote the entire article. That's stealing. How do you link to other news sources? Do you pass this judgement everytime you see a link to another news source? Or is it only the underground blogosphere that you think is advertisement?
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    Yeah I thought you could not answer that one. You just trying to hijack the thread and go off topic. Or perhaps AppleInsider is just your "daddy" so you can't stand to see a link to other websites about Apple.

    If you don't have anything intelligent to share ON TOPIC the best way to avoid being "spammed" is to stay away from the thread, which I suggest you continue to do.
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