MobileMe Sync issues

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This is my first post here and I?m hoping that someone may be able to help.

I have a friend of a friend that has the iPhone 3gs and also uses MobileMe. I received a phone call from him looking for help on an issue synching his contacts and Calendar to MobileMe. He has already had 2 techs come to his house and look at, and they made changes and nothing still works.

I personally had never heard of MobileMe (I wish I had as I could have recovered my stolen IPhone last month) So, as he explains the issue I am totally lost. Here is the issue as I understand it.

The user has a Dell laptop running Office2003. He is a Doctor and lives by his Calendar and Contacts. He created an account for MobileMe and was experiencing sync issues from his phone to Outlook. His phone would not update outlook. Tech1 came in a told him that he had to use Gmail in order to correct the issue. Once he completed the Gmail sync, the user now has 3 Contact lists and 3 Calendars.

1 ? Optonline

1 ?

1 ?

So the issue now is that he has a total of 467 contacts in the combined books on his IPhone. has 440 and Optonline has 27. Understandably, he wants all of his contact in 1 location synching between outlook and ME then to his phone. Now his Calendar is another issue. It does not sync at all with anything. Currently he has everything on the iPhone. And manually updates outlook. He is fine to have everything just in ME and have the Optonline calendar removed from the phone. So I went into the setting in ITunes and removed the check mark to sync the Calendar. I assumed that it would remove it from the phone but it?s still present.

A little about his phone; 3gs V3.1.3 (7E18)

He is a little reluctant to upgrade to 4.1 as his wife?s iPhone crashed after it was upgraded.

So I?m wondering if someone can help me out.

Thanks in advance

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