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Hi All,

i have an airport express module that i use to "airtunes" my Zeppelin which works great.

however, ive just purchased a new TV (very excited) which comes with an ethernet port for online capabilities such as iplayer etc which is close by the airport express module but miles away from my wireless router. my question is can i plug my TV ethernet into the expresses ethernet receive the internet?

my config is as follows:

Belkin Wireless N1 router access's the internet, distributes to 3 computers via Ethernet.

Airport express connected to the network via wireless soley to allow airplay, not internet

if so how do i set it up? networking is by biggest weakness in computing never got my head around all the terms! im pretty good at most other tech things honest!

Cheers guys


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    Unfortunately, the Ethernet port on the EXPRESS is limited to input only.

    This is based on my own "G" model... It's possible the newer "N" model COULD be able to do it (but I don't think so.)
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    Yep it can be done. I have a couple of the 'N' versions set up as a wireless bridge or in apple terms 'extend a wireless network' Do a search on it. There are plenty of how-to videos on youtube.
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    fantastic, ill have a go on thursday when my new kit arrives and report back my settings

    Thanks again
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    flea24flea24 Posts: 10member

    The answer is: yes you can utilize the ethernet port on the express to connect to a TV/Console whilst still communicating with the main router, participating in the network.

    make sure you

    "Join Wireless Network" and tick "Allow Ethernet Clients"
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