Can iTunes playlists determine iDisk folders?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm always creating playlists (and then constantly changing, revising and updating) on iTunes for a few different bands I play in. I also keep folders on my idisk of those same sets of songs. If I update/change/delete a list or folder in one place (which happens constantly) I have to do it in the other.

Anybody know of a way to have your iTunes playlists determine folders on your idisk, or the other way around, or any solution to this? Some cool OSX function? Or a third party software solution perhaps? Thanks!


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    How about Automator. Was just reading up about this application. Anyone here familiar with it? Could it do what I'm looking to do?
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    I figured out how to create folders of tunes on my idisk that mirror Playlists in iTunes, almost. Using the OSX application Automator, you can do it. If you add a song to the playlist, it will add it in the folder on the iDisk. Cool. The problem is, if you delete a song from the playlist, there's no way for Automator to know which song it is, and delete it from the folder on the iDisk. So close, and yet so far....
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