Burning ISO files with Toast Titanium 9

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I have access to many microsoft software packages from my school and some classes require me to have certain software and some is PC only. So obviously i need windows on my mac. So they have Windows 7 Professional.


That is the file and it is 3.22 GB in size

I've tried to "copy" the image using Toast. I select the file and i first get, "Toast could not detect the format of "file name". Click Continue if you are certain that it is a valid disc image."

I Click continue and another box appears with options for Pregap (in sectors), postgap (in sectors), and Sector Size ranging from 2048-2448 bytes and an option to check "scrambled" The default sector size is 2352, i hit OK

This is where you hit the BIG red button to burn it to the DVD-R.

I see under the summary where it has the filename, size, and CD-ROM XA.

Hit the red button, and click OK to "record" and it says "CD-ROM or Audio tracks cannot be written to DVD.

What can i do to burn it to a DVD?

I've tried using ImgBurn on my desktop PC and it doesnt work either.

please help guys!


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    This would be the Student upgrade version of Windows 7 that can be downloaded directly from Microsoft:


    What version of Toast are you using? I was able to mount and burn the ISO ok using Toast 7. When you double-click the ISO, if it doesn't mount, I'd say the image file might be corrupted in which case try downloading from the above link. Also make sure you have a 64-bit capable Mac to run x64. Some of the early Intel Macs don't support 64-bit.

    You'll need to do a clean install too given that you likely aren't upgrading:


    People have reported it works ok with Bootcamp and there certainly shouldn't be any issues with a VM. If you don't have to natively boot Windows for anything, get a copy of Virtual Box instead of using Bootcamp and try it out first. That way you can run your Windows software while still using the Mac environment.
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