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How does this shitty app even work?

I've enabled homesharing and logged in and all that and I do the same on my iPhone but when I'm trying to add a library I get those 4 stupid numbers that I'm supposed to use when I click my on my device in iTunes but that just takes me directly into the phone and does not ask me to use those numbers that I got. What am I supposed to do? Maybe I'm the retard here but Apple sure as hell ain't helping much either.


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    Your network settings greatly affect whether or not Remote can work at all.
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    Originally Posted by paulnlso View Post

    I think that there are underlying licensing issues. The problem arises in differing definitions.

    What the heck does this have to do with the Remote app at all?
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    The key is that your iPhone and your Apple TV has to be connected to the same network. Also not only your iPhone but your computer has to have home share turned on.

    Its a great remote once you get it working. My problem was I had my Apple TV connected to the AT&T box and I had my iPhone on my AirPort. Once I placed them both on the same connection it has work well.

    Good Luck
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