Can Application Switcher Be Assigned To The Magic Mouse ?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I have been a Might Mouse user now since it was released and it's been a very productive mouse... allowing me lots of options while I navigate my finder and files... and assigned Application Switcher to the track ball nipple was for me a must have feature... and now my whole workflow has now become based on this simple feature. I recently purchased a new MacPro 12 Core with Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. The Magic TrackPad I just can't get my fingers adjusted to... so I have counted that out... but the new Magic Mouse I like... I like the way it feels in the hand... I like the wireless feel about it... but the lack of the track ball is proving a difficult adjustment. I have started using CMD TAB but that's proving less effective as I'm sometimes getting mixed up with key stroke shortcuts for Adobe Acrobat... for Quitting etc...

I need to decide what mouse to use... as switching between both is even more confusing. Is the Magic Mouse the absolute future... so should I just stick with that... and adapt... or go back to me seamless Mighty Mouse workflow.

If I could assign the Application Switcher to the Magic Mouse I would stay with it I think.... it's the lack of support for the key feature is proving to be the deal breaker.

Anyone have any comments, advice, suggestions. All comments would be much appreciated.


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