15" Macbook Pro, buy now or wait?

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I have been looking at finally buying an Apple laptop for the first time, (should have joined sooner). I was wondering if anyone had any advice/suggestions for when or if any new macbook pro models are going to come out. I was thinking of actually buying a new laptop within the next 6 months or so. Has anyone heard of a promising time frame as to when new,upgraded models will be released?


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    There should be two more revisions in the time you're planning to wait. Either buy now, buy one of those, or don't buy at all.
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    i recommend purchasing a notebook whenever you have the sufficient funds as well as the need. given the speed at which technology improves there will always be something faster or better (subjectively) within the next 8 - 18 months. if you wait for the most ideal time to purchase a notebook you'll never purchase a notebook
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    they just upped to the new family of processors not long ago, I got the 15 i7 a few months ago, you won't regret getting one, it flies. I sold my 2006 mac pro quad and moved into this laptop.
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    Originally Posted by Groovetube View Post

    they just upped to the new family of processors not long ago ...

    in which case Apple will probably move onto Sandy Bridge (second generation Core CPUs) in late 2011 / early 2012. keep in mind that Sandy Bridge will be available in volume very early in 2011, both notebook and desktop varieties.

    anyways, i don't need a MacBook at the moment. although the upcoming refresh of the MacBook Air (next week) may instill the need in me
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    Since "Is this a good time to buy x Apple product?" is such a frequent question, we should probably just make the link to the MacRumors Buyers Guide a sticky, or something, but anyway:

    They chart historical frequency of updates and use the time since last update compared to that to give you some idea of when it's a good time to buy-- for every model of machine Apple makes.

    For instance, at the moment they rate the MBP as "buy only if you need it, approaching the end of a cycle."

    There's a pretty good chance next weeks special event will include MBP updates, so I would certainly wait at least until then.
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    i would say get one sooner than later. i can't imagine if i waited any longer to buy my 13" macbook pro. you can find awesome deals on craigslist and ebay all day long too
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