Why we need "Qualified Democracy"

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Arthur Andersen found Guilty of Obstruction of Justice by a jury of...what, exactly?

<a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2002/06/15/business/15WIRE-ANDE.html"; target="_blank">http://www.nytimes.com/2002/06/15/business/15WIRE-ANDE.html</a>;

THIS is why every vote should not count the same as every other vote. THIS is why jury selections shouldn't be random. THIS is why we have jokes about 10,000 dead lawyers at the bottom of the sea.

I understand the Justice Department had an obligation to investigate, but the way they went about it was wrong, the way they allowed the media to play things was wrong and their treatment of the real criminals (Enron Execs) was wrong.

A half-dozen redneck managers and executives at Houston's AA office screw up, and ~80,000+ people (worldwide) are made to pay for it with their jobs and reputations?! I'm all for a little partriotism during hard times, but please,

Fvck off Uncle Sam, Fvck off brain-dead jury, and most of all FVCK OFF ENRON EXECS. Enjoy your slaps on the wrist, you thieving scumbags. Glad Georgey and his buddies saved your asses! You ENWRONG jags should all be hung in a public square. It's YOU (not Arthur Andersen) who hung your own employees and their future financial security out to dry. YOU. What those few AA people did was wrong, but they weren't the ones intentionally toying with thousands of people's financial stability so that a few rich pricks could have an exrta country club membership.


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    It's interesting that you say "the government" while ignoring the party in power. Uncle Sam's Republican sons and daughters you mean.... Democrats aren't in bed with Big Business. If Clinton did this would you say "Fvck Democrats?"

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    Oh common.

    First, I'm not a partisan type. Second, I *did* mention "Georgey" and his buddies (with obvious Enron ties).

    More importantly though, I don't believe for ONE SECOND that there aren't a bunch of democrats on capital hill who also succomb to the pressure of corporate lobbyists - just as there are republicans who do the same. Neither group is immune from greed / their own self-interest, and that's what these corporate hoodlums know - that almost any congressman out there (or high ranking official) can be "bought".

    I also don't believe that if Clinton was in the white house, the result would've been any different. Enron's favors are not labelled "Republicans Only" - they do whatever they can to cover their miserable asses.

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    To (roughly) quote Ralph Nader: "The only real difference between Democrats and Republicans is the relative velocity at which they sink to their knees when Big Business approaches".

    Both major parties are equally guilty regarding the hijacking of democracy, ie corporate America muscling between we-the-people people and our alleged representatives. The Republicans, being traditionally the party allied to big business are at least relatively honest about it, whereas the Democrats (under Clinton-Gore) pretended to be about trade unions, workers' rights etc etc but behind the scenes did their best to "out-conservative" the Republicans!
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