IPOD Touch 4G Volume Problem

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Ok, so I have a 2G nano, and a brand new 4G Touch. When I use the touch, especially in the car, volume is significantly low. So low in fact, that at some points I have to turn up the car stereo so much, I can here the volume buzz along with the music. It's very frustrating.

When I play the EXACT SAME SONGS with the nano, it's much louder and fuller, and I don't need to turn the car stereo up as much. Why would this be happening? Is this some kind of lame "save your ears" volume control that Apple is putting in the IPOD touch? And for the record I don't have volume limited and the EQ is set to Rock.

I guess my question is weather this is a defect, or just how its designed. Thanks in advance.
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