Converting Pages docs to ePub

in iPad edited January 2014
I was really happy about Apple releasing an update for iWork Pages, which allows you to convert your Pages docs to ePub format. But here is the thing - it doesn't work smoothly for big volume docs. Of course I use the template, which Apple suggest to use but even this doesn't help much with several hundred pages docs.

The problem is that ePub books you get as a result of utilizing the Pages Export function are bulky. Try to open any book from iBooks store with the same volume and you'll see the difference in switching from portrait to landscape mode time, flipping pages, changing font type or size.

I know about Calibre software, it does a better job in terms of the factors I've outlined above but when you convert PDF file to ePub format you end up with weird line breaks and rather poor format.

Anybody has a solution for it? Apart from waiting for the next Pages update? :-)
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