Do you think if rampant piracy had never happened we would have DVD or even bluray

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quality music by now? I think the record companies wanted to give us higher quality music than the Redbook CD standard. I really think that if online piracy had never happened we would have DVD audio players by now and we would be listening to Classical pieces where every instrument has it's own channel, surround sound music perhaps, we may never see music of this quality, the CD standard is probably the best we'll ever get thanks to everyone and their grandmother who have been pirating music since the mid 90's.


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    No, piracy hasn't kept the industry from giving us music with every instrument on a separate channel.

    *pauses, thinks about this, has a pseudo-orgasmic experience of musical bliss*

    Dear heavens, that would be wonderful, wouldn't it?

    No, piracy hasn't kept this from happening. GREED HAS. Same with the telecoms charging $30 a month for 3Mbps in the U.S. when the rest of the planet has 50Mbps for the same price or less.
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    Market penetration of niche formats has never taken off. SACD and DVD-Audio come to mind. Or Quadraphonic records from the 70s.

    Surround sound audio is out there, it's just a pain in the ass to make and not in a format people want.

    That said, I'm a two channel stereo man.

    Will surround sound audio ever be mainstream? Certainly. But like 3D cinema, it has some growing pains to go through first..
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