88 High-Risk Defects Found in Android Kernel

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From the article:

"...Numerous programming flaws in the Android kernel include 88 high-risk defects that could leave users' sensitive information exposed, analysis firm Coverity announced today."



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    nhtnht Posts: 4,522member

    "Lest businesses begin to question Android's suitability for enterprise use in light of Coverity's new data, however, let's turn now to the cloud's silver lining. First is the fact that the code in the Froyo kernel Coverity studied actually had fewer flaws per thousand lines than most open source code does, the firm said. That's not to say that open source code is buggier than closed source code, either--it's just that closed source code isn't available for analyses like these, so no such comparisons can be made."

    Last I checked I had 50K (or was it 30K? I forget) worth of commits in Ohloh and fewer flaws/ksloc vs other open source projects ISN'T SAYING VERY MUCH. A lot of open source code is buggy, undocumented crap, mine included.

    And Microsoft had on average 0.5 errors per ksloc according to 1992 study. NASA has a defect density of 0.004 defects/KSLOC.


    Granted that's a decade ago but it's bullshit that no comparisons can be done. Oh wait, it's a apologist piece done by Noyes. Never mind.
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    daveswdavesw Posts: 406member
    open source or not Android is CRAP.

    the source code just confirms it.
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