New video card question.

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What's the deal with the selection of video cards that Apple is offering us? Is the GeForce 4 a good card? Why no Radeon 8500? Isn't it a better card? Anyone think that when we get G5's there will be an 8500 option? I realize we can get a retail version but I'd like one with ADC if possible. Thanks for any input.


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    The geForce4 MX is a powerful and flexible card. Its probably in the same class as the geForce3 that was previously available. The Radeon 8500 is approximately the same class of performance. nVidia will have faster geForce4 versions, but who knows if Apple will ever offer them. I wish Apple would provide a build-to-order option of "no video card" so that people could opt for a 3rd party provided board.
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    My freind had got a GeForce 2 MX for his PC when it came out and its still a sweet ass card. The reg Geforce 4 was prob too expensive to come standard in the towers, the MX is just a little cheaper version, but nothing to laugh at by any means. But yea "no video card" would be great but so would "no ram" and "no Hard drive" it would be so much cheaper for us to do it ourselves
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