anyone know how to find itunes 9.2.2 dmg?

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looking for itunes 9.22 my version seems to have been corrupted.

itunes stops during playback and freezes itunes,must force quit and reboot.

ran DW and disc utility,everything checks out OK

apple does not have it on their site anymore,will look in version tracker more but so far have not found it. called Apple tech support they have no idea how to get this version(June or July 2010)

itunes 10 needs Leo,I am in Tiger

the only ways I have found itunes 9.2.2 so far are on torrent sites which i will not do.......

Apple should still have this available for users who are still in Tiger!!

I wish I had saved the be continued.

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    Just freaking torrent it. It's not like it's illegal; it's iTunes, for crying out loud.

    There's an old-version website, but all of the iTunes there are Windows versions.
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